The primary focus of is positive communication between persons with brain injury, family members/ caregivers/friends of persons with brain injury, those many professionals who treat persons with brain injury and community members in order to create positive changes and enhance public awareness and knowledge of acquired/traumatic brain injury. Originally created as The Perspectives Network in 1997 – was updated by Elaine Jones in 2015.

Our Mission

To enhance, expand and extend the quality of care available to Caregivers and Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury. We have articles, some from the The Perspectives Network but also from other select sources. Topics are very broad as are the experiences and information shared by survivors, family members and professionals but all of them focus on the issues of brain injury.


Children with Traumatic Brain Injuries

The number of children and adolescents in this country sustaining traumatic brain injuries is staggering. Each year one million …


What are seizures?

The terms epilepsy and seizure are often confined. On the one hand, a seizure is the resulting behavior or set of behaviors, …


Can seizures be controlled?

Treatment of epileptic seizures is usually accomplished through medication management. Antiepileptic medications work by …